In cold weather, people usually prefer plant or fruit teas because the delicious and aromatic flavors of warm and vitamin-rich fruits are attractive. This not only protects individuals from diseases but also ensures the intake of necessary vitamins and minerals. Dried rosehip, which is rich in vitamins, can be quickly and easily brewed into tea. Especially in the winter months, consuming dried rosehip and drinking its tea helps protect individuals against diseases such as colds and flu.

Fresh rosehip can be brewed and used for presentations. Especially with dried rosehip, wonderful and elegant tables can be prepared for New Year’s Eve. In addition, thanks to its structure, dried rosehip can be easily consumed in every season. Organically produced and hygienically packaged dried rosehip can be purchased quickly and safely from Dried rosehip also contains the substances found in its natural form and its consumption is very beneficial. The benefits of dried rosehip are as follows:

Dried rosehip helps reduce LDL, also known as bad cholesterol, and contributes to balancing cholesterol levels. Due to its rich antioxidant content, it protects individuals against respiratory infections such as colds and flu. It reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke, contributing to the individual’s health. It helps to reduce joint pain and enables individuals to move comfortably. With its antioxidant feature, it not only protects individuals from diseases but also contributes to skin health and beauty. Dried rosehip protects against cancer and helps maintain healthy cells. It contributes to maintaining glucose balance, making it good for diabetic individuals. It helps relieve inflammatory diseases quickly and painlessly. It helps maintain sexual stability and increases libido.

Rosehip can generally be consumed as tea. However, dried rosehip is also often preferred in desserts, presentations, and jams. When consuming rosehip, the seeds and furry parts should be removed. Vitamin and minerals can also be found in rosehip jam and syrup.

To brew dried rosehip tea, it should be washed first. To obtain a cup of rosehip tea, two or three teaspoons of dried rosehip should be added to hot water. The water should continue to boil. The tea should be brewed for approximately 15 minutes.

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