Once upon a time, there was a shepherd who grazed his herd near the Tomara Waterfall. One day, he noticed that his herd was thirsty and had no water to drink. The shepherd struck his stick on the ground, and water gushed out from beneath the earth. The herd drank the water, and the shepherd performed his ablutions and prayer.

The villagers, who were envious of the shepherd, took him to court, accusing him of leaving the herd thirsty. During the trial, the shepherd struck his stick on the ground, and water gushed out again. The villagers were shocked, and the court declared the shepherd innocent.

However, the villagers still envied the shepherd and planned to get rid of him. One day, they followed him secretly to the Tomara Waterfall. The shepherd performed his ablutions and prayer as usual, and the villagers saw him strike his stick on the ground, causing water to gush out. The villagers were amazed and realized that the shepherd had a special power.

Feeling ashamed of their jealousy and envy, the villagers asked for the shepherd’s forgiveness. But the shepherd was angry and threw his flute and knife sheath in different directions. The flute fell into the Tomara Waterfall, and the knife sheath fell into Mindaval Village of Çamoluk District. Water gushed out from the spots where the flute and the knife sheath fell, and the Tomara Waterfall now has forty different sources of water.

From that day on, the Tomara Waterfall became a sacred place, and people believed that the water had healing powers. The legend of the shepherd and the Tomara Waterfall has been passed down from generation to generation and is still told today.

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