Almonds, which are high in nutrient value, filling, and meet the body’s vitamin and mineral needs, are indispensable in diet lists. With different consumption methods, almonds appeal to people’s tastes. At the same time, they help individuals lose weight easily. Raw almonds can be consumed as a snack. Raw almonds, which can be used for desserts, presentations, and snacks, can sometimes be roasted and consumed. Almonds can also be turned into chips by adding spices according to people’s taste preferences and consumed raw.

Daily vitamin and mineral needs can be met by consuming raw almonds. By consuming only nuts, the body can receive a certain amount of vitamins and minerals. Where can fresh, organic raw almonds be obtained? Quality, organic, and high-quality raw almonds can be purchased quickly and easily through, which is the most reliable and hygienic source. Raw almonds are both delicious and have high nutritional value as a snack. The benefits of raw almonds are as follows:

Raw almonds contain magnesium and help protect heart health. Daily consumption of raw almonds is necessary to prevent and quickly recover from heart attacks and heart ailments. Raw almonds are rich in vitamins A and C, thereby preserving eye health. Thanks to vitamin C, it has a strong antioxidant effect and helps individuals gain immunity against many diseases. It helps regulate blood sugar levels, contributing to the recovery of diabetics. It meets a large portion of the daily iron requirement and helps to lose weight by speeding up metabolism. It helps balance LDL cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. It prevents the formation of gallstones. It contributes to collagen synthesis, strengthening bones. How to Roast Raw Almonds?

Fresh, organic, and delicious raw almonds can be roasted at home in half an hour. Raw almonds are placed on a tray and water and salt are sprinkled on them if desired. However, it is also possible to roast them without salt. This is entirely up to individual taste preferences. The almonds are roasted for 15 minutes in a preheated 200-degree oven and can be consumed after being removed from the oven.

Raw Almond Nutritional Value

Due to their high nutrient value, raw almonds have many benefits for the body. 10 raw almonds contain approximately 60 calories. 100 grams of raw almonds contain 570 calories, 18-19 grams of protein, and 55 grams of fat.

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